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Registration is valid for the next occasion. (so for example if you register  for the Monday class at Monday 10 a.m. than it is for the class on that day. But if you register at 10 p.m. Monday it is valid for the next week) 


18.00 Twerk all levels
(basics needed)

19.00 TwerkOut


18.00 Beginner Twerk 

You have questions?

What should I bring to the classes?

Bring some comfy clothes, and flat shoes with you. Water and tower are highly recommended for TwerkOut classes. 

Can I join to any of the classes?

If this is your first time at our dance school, we suggest for you to start at the basic classes. If you are an experienced dancer, you can join all levels.

Should I buy kneepads?

We don’t use kneepads for every class, but when we do, we’ll provide you a pair, so you don’t need to buy them. 

How long does it take to learn to twerk?

Actually it depends on a lot of things. Do you practice at home or not? Etc. But we guarantee that you’ll feel the improvement after taking a few classes. 

How much is a class?

One class is HUF 1700,- (with student ID: HUF 1500,-)

Should I sign up every time I want to attend a class?

Yes. As the spots are limited for our classes, please sign up every time so we can save your spot. 

I don't have a dancer body, can I still join?

Twerking does not require any special skills such as flexibility, fitness, or any previous dance experience. (be prepared though, that you’ll be more flexible, and fit if you join our classes) I will teach you everything you have to know to be a good twerker  😉

Is it ok, if I cannot come every week?

Classes of each course are built upon eachother, but we repeat and practice a lot from previous classes as well, so if you miss an occasion from time to time, you’ll be able to catch up. 

You can join our TwerkOut classes anytime, as there are no choreographies on those trainings.


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